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The Advanced Radon Technologies System Warranty:

We guarantee radon levels in all livable areas at or below 4 pCi/L for 3 years from the date of installation based on an EPA Protocol Test. This guarantee does not cover alterations to the building, or the radon system by others, acts of nature, water based radon and emanation sources. The fans must be in continuous operation and are warrantied by the manufacturer for 5 years. ART assumes no liability for health effects due to radon exposure. ART does not guarantee any route discussed at the evaluation phase. The route of pipe is to be determined by the technician at the time of installation. The radon system is not guaranteed to reduce elevated levels of radon in well water or from emanation sources.
See warranty restrictions below.

 Restrictions to Our Warranty: 

There are some building practices or unique situations in your home that will prevent us from guaranteeing that your radon reduction levels will drop below 4 pCi/L. Advanced Radon Technologies, Inc. will make every effort to identify these issues upon site visit; however, sometimes issues can only be identified once the installation crew is on site. We will do everything we possibly can to get to the lowest levels of radon in your home but see the following list of restrictions.
Below grade ductwork or furnace base directly in contact with the soil under home
Fluctuations in groundwater levels
Below grade utilities
Elevated floors
Non-continuous concrete slabs
Confirmed secondary sources of radon (sources outside of the structure’s contact with the earth)
Incomplete or false (misleading) initial testing information
Radon testing not performed with EPA approved apparatus
Once system is installed, modifications to system made by others may void warranty
Modifications to building envelope or increasing footprint of building post installation
Any manufacturer defects in system components will be replaced under warranty but may take some lead time
* If warranty issues are not reported to us within the warranty period or if fan sits dormant (not running) for any length of time, fan replacement may not be free of charge as that will not be a result of a manufacturers defect.


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