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What Should Real Estate Agents Know About Radon?

Selling Agents:

Advanced Radon Technologies recommends that all homebuyers run a radon test as part of their home inspection. Even new construction houses may have very elevated levels of radon. ART suggests that all realtors have their clients sign a radon specific disclosure form. This will protect you if an issue arises later. In the near future almost all house transactions will have radon testing as a part of the sale, the more prepared you and your client the more smoothly the whole process will be. Get to know your local radon testers and mitigation firms so you can advise your clients.

Listing Agents:

Advanced Radon Technologies recommends that all home sellers be aware that a radon test may be conducted in the sale of their house and that 60% to 80% in the Inland Northwest are above the US EPA action level of 4 pCi/L. Radon is easy to repair, takes one day and most cost between $1800 and $2300. If the home seller is prepared and a test is conducted and fails, no hidden costs “come out of the blue.” Get to know you local radon testers and mitigation firms so you can advise your clients.

Dave Gerard (President of ART) teaches quarterly classes about Radon in Real Estate through the Spokane Association of Realtors and The Coeur d’Alene Realtors Association. Contact either of these to get a seat at this fun, educational class that counts toward 3 hours of Continuing Education credits. 


How Does Radon Testing Work?

Radon testing is becoming more common during Real Estate transactions in the Inland Northwest. In the near future, Radon testing will be completed in virtually all real estate transactions. Radon testing in real estate is far more common in many cities not far from Spokane and Coeur d’ Alene. Portland OR and Butte, MT already conduct radon tests in almost all real estate transactions, and it will happen in Spokane and Coeur d’ Alene in the next few years.

Home Buyers:

Home Buyers should always conduct radon testing prior to purchasing a house, regardless of the age of the home, newly built or 100+ years old and every home in between. In the greater Inland Northwest 60% to 80% of all houses have radon levels above the action level of 4 pCi/l. Zip codes in the Inland Northwest are home to some of the highest radon levels in the United States. Most home inspectors will conduct a radon test for you as part of the home inspection. There is usually an additional fee ($100 to $150). This is relatively inexpensive for peace of mind, and protection of your family’s health and your home as an investment. It is the recommendation of ART that buyers either remain in control of repairs to the home, including radon, or at least have a say in who conducts the repairs. Radon, in most of the Western United States, is completely UNREGULATED by the states. This means anyone can claim to be a radon expert! Always have a certified radon mitigation firm, and preferably a certified radon mitigator, install your radon system including a full guarantee to reduce the radon levels below 4 Pc/L. (See links below). Even though most estimates for radon systems can be conducted over the phone or by internet, it is always best to meet the company in person, on site to get a better idea of who and how the system is likely to be installed. Be concerned if they refuse to meet you at the house! Always check for reviews online and ask your Home Inspector or Realtor to ask around their office.

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