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Any home can have a radon problem — new and old homes, well-sealed and drafty homes, homes with basements, crawlspaces, or homes on a slab.

When you call the Advanced Radon Technologies team, you know you’re getting the best in design, service and performance. You benefit directly from our years of experience in radon investigation, testing and mitigation for thousands of residential structures (houses), school districts, government agencies and businesses across the Northwest. We are worldwide leaders in (radon) mitigation (and vapor intrusion) of large commercial structures.

Whether you are buying, selling, remodeling or just need to determine what your radon level is, we can meet your schedule and your requirements for radon testing and mitigation systems.

Our radon mitigation systems are designed to respect the beauty of a home. Whenever possible, interior installations make use of existing low profile spaces, such as non-living basement areas, closets and/or attics. Exterior installations are carefully designed to blend in with the existing architecture. Our goal is to (reduce radon and) improve interior air quality and protect the homeowner’s investment.

Why Choose Us?

– All electrical work is conducted by licensed electrical contactors and all required electrical permits are included when you hire ART

– Bonded and licensed General Contractor

– State of the art radon measurement and diagnostic testing equipment

-Friendly technicians and support staff that care about your project

The Top 5 Myths About Radon

1) You have to have a basement to have a radon problem.
A) No. 60% to 80% of ALL houses in Spokane/CdA area have elevated radon regardless if the house has a basement, slab or crawl space.
2) Radon Testing and Mitigation are very expensive.

Radon testing ranges are approximately $125 to $200.
Radon mitigation ranges approximately $2000 to $2500 in 85% of local homes.
VERY few homes cost more than $2500 for mitigations systems.

3) Only certain areas have a radon problem.
Radon is found in high levels in ALL local zip codes.

Some areas have higher percentages of homes with elevated levels, or higher radon levels, but radon is found just about everywhere in the Inland Northwest.

4) Vacant homes have higher radon levels.
Vacant homes always test LOWER than occupied houses if all radon testing protocols are met. The forces that impact radon are minimized when the house is unoccupied.

Heating, exhaust fans, wood stoves/fireplaces and clothes dryers all raise radon levels, but are minimized or not used at all when the house is vacant.

5 ) If a house has a passive system all you need is a fan installed.

This is true for some houses, but not all or even most. If it is a larger home or if the radon levels are above 10 pCi/L the number of homes that can be repaired this way goes down substantially.

It is ART’s suggestion that a larger radon fan (Retro style) fan be installed and the home retested to make sure the passive radon system is effective or not. Many homes may require a completely new Retro system be installed to reduce the radon levels below 4 pCi/L.

Why Worry About Radon?

The Washington State Department of Health reported that Spokane County has the highest levels of cancer-causing radon gas in the State.

The Spokane County Health District has reported that approximately 60%-70% of the houses tested had radon levels above 4.0 pCi/L (picocuries of radon per liter of air).

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare reports that approximately 60%-80% of the houses tested in Kootenai County had radon levels above 4.0 pCi/L.

Client Testimonials

Dave was absolutely amazing helping us sell our home. Our inspection needed someone to come out and identify and label the radon pipe. We didn’t understand what that was and Dave was so wonderful at explaining what it is for an why our area has it. He was so knowledgeable and helpful. We would not have had such a smooth process without him. Thank you so much Dave for your friendly and knowledgeable help.
Mathea Manley

Very good experience. They are very good at what they do… I met with Dave and he took care of us from start to finish. The install only took a few hours and the system looks good on the back of the house which was important to us. Highly Recommend.
Daniel Hunt

Advanced Radon Technologies are highly educated and explained to us thoroughly our options to install the mitigation. This company has the most knowledgeable radon specialists in Spokane. Thank you David for spending the time explaining to us the ratings of percentage to the years we are grateful to have found this company and we will give them a 5-star rating thank you Advanced Radon Technologies.
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