Commercial Radon Services

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Commerical Radon Services

Advanced Radon Technologies is actively seeking commercial radon mitigation projects all over the United States. 

We have already completed several significant projects all over the Pacific Northwest. Just a few examples of significant projects we’ve done include: McChord AirForce Base Mission Support Center, U.S. Federal Courthouse and Post Office, Portland Public School District, several unique retirement centers and hundreds of apartment complexes.

 Our radon experts use a number of standard procedures for sub-slab diagnostics, utilizing advanced tools that successfully remediate and remove radon. Our core drill is used to create the evacuation holes, completing each 5” diameter hole in less than 5 minutes. This allows for a cleaner installation of the mitigation system. It also can be used to drill large holes through thick concrete floors and walls up to 14″ in diameter. ART has built a heavy duty evacuation vacuum to remove soil from each hole and draw it into a dump cannister.

Finally, ART’s Patented diagnostic testing machine is used to simulate the airflow and suction rates of each floor penetration. This is much more complicated than using standard residential radon system that is often employed by other mitigations companies. Our diagnostic tester provides an accurate readout of air volume and static pressure to be used to select the most appropriate commercial grade fan.

Advanced Radon Technologies has a 100% success rate for removing radon in commercial applications and doing things right the first time.  Contact us to learn more about what we do.

Commercial Case Studies


One of the best ways to see how the services Advanced Radon Technologies provides work, is to look at a clients’ entire process from start to finish. We have documented a number of case studies to present various environments, note how radon gas and other toxins affected the environment, how the chemicals accumulated, and how we were able to eradicate them. If you’re interested in learning more, click on the blue bars to view case studies for just a few of many Spokane area properties we’ve worked with.

The McChord Air Force Mission Support Center

US Courthouse and US Postal Office

Academy Retirement Community


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