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Vapor Intrusion

VOC, or Vapor Intrusion, is a relatively new industry, established to minimize soil contamination from industrial practices dating back over the last 100 years. Industrial contamination can give off toxic vapors containing TCE, DCE, Benzene or many other toxic vapors. These vapors intrude homes and businesses through the foundation by the same forces that drive radon , creating a potentially dangerous indoor air quality environment. Like radon, these vapors are odorless and tasteless, but their affects can cause serious health effects or ever lead to death. If you have concerns about vapor intrusion in your home or business, Advanced Radon Technologies has been working in the Vapor Intrusion since 2000 and we design and install just about any type of Vapor Intrusion system in any type of structure.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a wealth of valuable information on what you should do to protect you, your family, and your employees. Visit their website to learn more.

Large Commercial Buildings


Advanced Radon Technologies has extensive expectance in large commercial structures. ART has designed and installed complex systems in a variety of industrial sites for both direct contamination from industrial practices or from adjacent contamination form nearby industrial sites. With the high cost of air testing of the vapors the negative pressure field extension is often used to show prof of concept. With ART’s standard procedures for sub-slab diagnostics accurately simulating and measuring the negative field prior to the instillation of the vapor system. Below are a sample of some of ART’s commercial structures we have installed Vapor Intrusion systems in.

Smaller Commercial Buildings 

The vast majority of smaller commercial buildings Advanced Radon Technologies has installed Vapor Intrusion systems in have been Dry Cleaners or former Dry cleaners sites. ART has also installed systems in many smaller buildings/strip malls do to other contamination such has auto repair and gasoline stations. Below are a few samples of this type of structure.

System Components

There are many interesting facts about the pictures on this page are that the Vapor Intrusion system is routed in a Cold Air Return of the Mechanical system and have to be covered in Steel to meet the flame spread rating. Plastic PVC or ABS can not be installed in any part of the Mechanical system. There are many issues that can arise when installing this type of complex system in larger commercial structures that would not be seen in a residential structure. Ultra high suction can cause many issues. Water intrusion into the system or even dust particles that can get sucked up and can add premature ware on the fans particularly to Regenerative blowers.

Below are some of the interesting Vapor Intrusion system components that have been installed by ART over the years.

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