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Our staff has over 60 years of machine experience. The founder of our firm, who was a mechanical engineer, had over 40 years of machining and heavy equipment design and he was granted two patents. We work with ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, fiberglass, and wood. We are capable of Arc, Oxy/acetylene, and wire-feed welding. We are also capable of non-ferrous casting, hand forging, and plastic welding.

   Necessity is the Mother of Invention
We needed a slip roll to fabricate steel angle into rings and semi-radius rings and to bend large bar stock so we manufactured one (left). With this device we are able to create large 18" brackets and a 24" steel angle rings (right).

Slip roll

24-inch steel ring
We often install mitigation systems in apartments, hotels, and other multi-story buildings during new construction. We manufactured this wood-boring core bore, it weighs 60 lbs and can drill through the toe plate of the 2nd floor and through the top plate of the 1st floor in one pass. It has a ¾" 10-amp drill motor with a 4½" nail-eating carbide tipped 14" deep hole saw.

Wood-boring core bore
Specialty racks

We constructed specialty racks for our needs: 400 linear ft of 4-inch perforated pipe and 250 ft of PVC pipe can be carried and the walkways make loading and unloading easy.
20-inch Disc Sander
  • 36 Grit
  • 3 HP
20-inch Disc sander

Subslab diagnostic tester

Subslab Diagnostic Tester (Patent #5388444)
  • 300 CFM
  • 6 amp
Heavy Duty Excavation Vacuum
  • 132.94" wc (sealed)
  • 309.0 CFM Max
  • 45 amp
HD radon evacuation vacuum

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