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Advanced Radon Technologies, Inc. has actively been working in the radon industry since 1990. With our unique combination of patented radon testing equipment and HVAC design experience, we offer capabilities not found in any other radon firm in the United States. As a licensed contractor, our staff have completed radon mitigation projects ranging from the 9-story U.S Federal Courthouse/U.S. Post Office in Spokane, to several school districts to thousands of single family residences.

This web site gives examples of the experience Advanced Radon Technologies, Inc. has in commercial and residential radon testing and mitigation in both new and existing structures. Our experience with large commercial HVAC Design, Air Balance and Building Commissioning gives insight into the role of mechanical systems and controls systems and their impact on radon entry and radon mitigation system design.

Advanced Radon Technologies, Inc. is actively pursuing commercial radon testing and mitigation projects all over the United States. If Advanced Radon Technologies is not certified in the state that the project is in, we will work with a local contractor to meet state and local certification requirements.

Advanced Radon Technologies, Inc. has been working with the Washington State Department of Ecology and The Environmental Protection Agency in the use of radon mitigation techniques to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) in residential and commercial structures. We have also designed a methane gas removal system that could be used as a depressurization or pressurization system in a new construction application. Click here, to learn more about our methods of mitigating VOC's.

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